There are a lot of golf carts being operated in the campground. Those
who drive golf carts must drive in a safe and responsible manner. Any
visitor operating a golf cart must know a registered guest in the
1. Children 15 or under shall be accompanied by an adult.
2. Do NOT drive in the playground area.
3. Do NOT drive on or thru other campers lots.
4. Golf carts must have headlights on the front and a tail light or
two reflectors on rear of golf cart for use at night.
5. Liability insurance is highly recommended.
6. Obey the 10 mph maximum speed limit.
7. Do not drive a golf cart that is overloaded with persons.
8. No kids under the age of 17 are allowed to drive at dark.
HOMESTEAD PARK is NOT liable for any damage or personal injuries
that result from golf carts.

I/we have read and understand the rules for golf cart operations.

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